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Business Email Compromise

February 22, 2022my_locationOnline

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Date February 22, 2022 H 13:00
End February 22, 2022 H 14:30
Location Online
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About the event

Business Email Compromise

Has someone hacked your email account or pretended to be you?

About this event

If someone gains unauthorised access to, or impersonates your email account, they can intercept or gain access to your private communications, or send emails pretending to be you. With access to your email account, a cybercriminal can commit fraud, or blackmail you by stealing your financial or other sensitive information. If someone is impersonating you, they can convince others to click on malicious links, open malware attachments, steal sensitive information or steal their money.

Head of the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC), Ms Abigail Bradshaw CSC, said malicious cyber actors are actively targeting Australians. ‘As we shifted online to go school work or work from home or buy things, or keep communicating, the criminals have also shifted and really prosecuted our online lives to make money or steal our information..’.

  • In this webinar we will guide you through a series of steps detailing simple ways you can limit the damage caused by an email compromise.
  • We will cover both the situation where someone has compromised your email account directly – and when someone is impersonating you or your business.
  • We will show you 6 Steps that the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) recommends
  • You will experience the issues via a case study following a fictional story of Saffron Conveyancing small business and the steps they took when they fell victim to an email impersonation attack.

Presenter: Babette Bottin

Babette Bottin is the founder and director of DAS Insure., a highly specialised risk and insurance consultancy firm with a focus on Cash flow protection. She is passionate about helping companies of all sizes, business owners and individuals to strengthen their Cyber Security. Babette is also a qualified BEC Advisor and enjoys delivering webinars and consulting sessions for the BEC business community.

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“This project is funded by the Australian Government Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources through the Cyber Security Business Connect and Protect Program.”